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Regardless of whether you are a Primary Producer, Feedlot, Abattoir or manage Livestock Sales you need an electronic system to underpin your operations. As an example, Masterbeef recommends Stockbook by Practical Systems for on-farm data recording and for Abattoirs, the Masterbeef Carcase Assessment app can record objective information about individual carcases.

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Have you heard the saying “Good data in, good data out!” and conversely, “Bad data in, bad data out!”?

This is a fundamental outcome of data collection. To be able to make sound and informed decisions, businesses need to trust their data by recording accurate and consistent information about their livestock and operations.

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If you are already doing Steps 1 & 2, then Step 3 is simple!

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Masterbeef Carcase Assessment

Processed Image
Processed Image
Processed Image
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Raw Image

Attribute Value
Barcode 0028R200228
Time Taken 02/03/2020 2:59:14PM
Body 028R
Marbling Percent 36.26
MB Marble 12.5
Ausmeat Marble 9
MSA Marble 1120
Fineness 42 out of 50
Distribution 26 out of 50
Meat Colour 1C
Fat Colour 1
Eye Muscle Area 141
Marbling Count 490
Cut Location 11/12 rib
Plant Name John Dee Warwick Pty Ltd
Plant Location Warwick

In mid 2019 we started using the Masterbeef platform to grade our Wagyu carcases and link our livestock details via Stockbook. Within 6 months we were accessing Masterbeef’s powerful reporting with a simple push of a button allowing us to make fast critical business decisions.

The Masterbeef suite of tools is advancing so rapidly we cannot wait to see the next exciting development!

Johan Du Plessis Glen Walton Wagyu - South Africa